One of the ways businesses may help communities is engaging their employees in voluntary activities. Corporate volunteering brings many benefits to all stakeholders – the business itself, its employees and the benefiting not-for-profit organisation and community.

Company benefits:

• contributes to a positive change not only in its surroundings, but also on the national level

• strengthens its positive image

• acquires new regional and local contacts

• creates a positive corporate culture

• increases employee loyalty by linking company values ​​to their personal values

• opens doors to innovation and innovative practices through interaction with the not-for-profit sector

• offers non-traditional and entertaining teambuilding to employees

Employee benefits:

• having a good feeling out of positive changes in their community

• a sense of meaningfulness, which also transfers into daily work activities

• improving relationships with colleagues

• strengthening leadership and communication skills

• establishing interaction with the not-for-profit sector, which often grows into a lasting relationship

Not-for-profit organisation and community benefits:

• physical help where needed

• expertise that improves the quality and operations of the organisation

• interaction with the corporate sector, which often develops into a long-term enriching collaboration

Your business or company may also help in preserving and restoring the cultural and natural heritage of Slovakia. You are welcome to join the voluntary program of National Trust n.o. available to companies, organisations and other groups!

For businesses, organisations or other diligent teams, we offer to organise morning/afternoon work activities with an immediate and noticeable outcome. We believe such useful activities aimed at the restoration of the historical monuments and environment of Slovakia might also be an interesting form of teambuilding activities for various kinds of groups and teams.

Under our professional guidance, we offer opportunities for work activities on historical buildings and monuments or in a pleasant, green environment. Depending on your preferences, we can prepare a volunteers‘ day for your organisation in various locations of Slovakia. As examples, corporate volunteers help us in the renovation of a rare Renaissance town house in Zámočnícka Street 10 in Bratislava, with the reconstruction and cleaning of Koch‘s Garden in Bratislava or the Baroque pheasantry in Jarovce. All involved parties benefit from such activities.

A quality event plan is the basis for successful cooperation. Please contact us at for more details. Thank you.