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Romer's house »

The renovation project of Romer’s house by the National Trust and its partners plans to renovate this sight in a way which would respect its historical integrity, architectural, artistic and other values. Rómer house is a  burgher house where the famous Kingdom of Hungary archeologist, historian and nature scientist Florián F. Rómer was born.

Landscape and Garden Culture Centre »

Since 2006, National Trust n.o. has been intensively dealing with issues related to historical parks and gardens. We believe that despite the unfavourable condition of many parks and gardens, it is still possible to restore these sites and keep them as well-maintained and highly valued locations by people of our society. Through the activities of our Landscape and Garden Culture Centre, we aim to spread the ideas of active protection of historical parks and gardens, support the necessary research and education in the area and provide concrete help to owners and managers of parks and gardens in Slovakia.

Open Parks and Gardens Weekend »

The main aim of the event is to present its visitors values of mainly historic parks and gardens in unusual and attractive way and motivate people to actively help to protect and promote these values. The event aims to point out not only the number of green spaces in our towns and villages, but also its quality and accessibility.

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