March 1996 - establishment of the National Trust in Slovakia
  • Admission of the first 25 members and publishing the first issue of the NTS Information Letters magazine (later renamed as WINDOW)
  • NTS received its first object donation - an extensive life-long photographic collection of Ladislav Noel, a prominent Slovak photographer and teacher 
  • NTS participated in the Celtic Days in Slovakia festival organising lectures on industrial heritage
  • NTS acquired the possession of Francis‘ Smelter (Františkova huta), a technical monument in Orava
  • reconstruction of the cottage No. 101 in the village of Podbiel (the village declared a protected heritage area of folk architecture) and its subsequent use as the Upper Orava (Horná Orava) Tourist Information Centre 
  • comprehensive well and shadoof restoration in front of the Information Centre in Podbiel
  • series of lectures on the historical environment and its use, especially as a tourism product in the village of Podbiel and town of Spišské Podhradie
  • active cooperation on establishing the European Network of National Heritage Organisations (ENNHO)
  • participation in the main research team focused on the National Strategy of Sustainable Development in the Slovak Republic documentation
  • organising seminars for local governments and NGOs titled "Historical Environment - Regional Development Capital" and held in Kremnica and Levoča
  • organisation and management of the "Weekend of Historical Parks and Gardens of Bratislava" event – first year of the event prepared and carried out thanks to the financial support of the British Embassy and in cooperation with Bratislava City Council and Bratislava-Staré Mesto District Council as well as other prominent partners
  • opening the Arboretum – the Green Heart of Hrádok educational trail in Liptovský Hrádok
  • active participation in the meeting of the International National Trusts Organisation board of directors (INTO) and INTO Europe seminar in London
  • DOMOVINA platform – a NGOs forum for cultural heritage – establishment and work meetings initiation 
  • Presentation of cultural heritage issues in Slovakia from the perspective of NGOs at the European Parliament's Committee on Culture in Brussels
  • establishment of the Committee for Industrial Heritage at NTS
  • NGOs participation coordination in the cultural heritage area of the Nostalgia Expo 2001 exhibition
  • management of the National Report on Cultural Policy of the Slovak Republic preparation on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
  • organising an international seminar titled Recreational Education – Cultural and Natural Heritage Interpretation and Presentation, in cooperation with Interpret Europe – an international network of cultural and natural heritage interpreters, and the University of Economics in Bratislava
  • acquisition of a traditional folk house in Bartošova Lehôtka near Kremnica
  • implementation and coordination of the "Old Origin - New Uses" European exchange programme named (as part of the European Cultural Heritage Days)
  • taking part in the secretariat opening ceremony of Anna Lindh Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue in Alexandria, Egypt
  • taking part in the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Europa Nostra, a pan-European federation of NGOs with focus on cultural heritage, held in Strasbourg
  • preparation and execution of the 5th Weekend of Open Parks and Gardens event
  • taking part in the annual 11th International Conference of National Trusts in Washington DC, USA
  • execution of the II. European exchange programme in Lithuania and Latvia
  • reconstruction of the traditional folk house in Bartošova Lehôtka near Kremnica
  • NT n.o. appointed as a coordinating organisation of Anna Lindh Foundation's national network for intercultural dialogue
  • establishment of the Friends of Historical Parks and Gardens work group at NT n.o.
  • successful nomination of the Lednické Rovne Historical Park to be included on the list of World’s 100 Most Endangered Sites managed by the World Heritage Fund based in New York
  • reconstruction of the Goddess Minerva Temple in the historical natural-landscape park of Lednické Rovne
  • organising the initial International Network of National Trusts executive board meeting as well as preparation and coordinating the international seminar titled "State Institutions Cooperation with NGOs: National Trust Models in the World", in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic as part of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
  • active participation and presentation of National Trust n.o. activities at the Slovak Embassy in London during the Slovak Day event organised by the British Czech and Slovak Association
  • preparation and coordination of the third annual Weekend of Historical Parks and Gardens in Bratislava event including the international "Water in Urbanised Environment" seminar
  • formal meeting and round-table discussion with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, at Clarence House in London
  • preparation and coordination of the pilot Working Holidays programme at the Castle and Manor House in Liptovský Hrádok as part of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) cooperation
  • initial cooperation on restoring and revitalising a baroque mansion in Veľký Biel
  • taking part in the organisation of the first Crafty Market in Liptov
  • property management, restoration and maintenance resources fundraising and building permit application preparation in connection with Rómer’s House, a listed renaissance town house in Zámočnícka Street no. 10 in Bratislava; participation in the EPO Urban project
  • participation in the Restoration of Thatched Straw Roofs in Slovakia project in cooperation with Trust o.z and partnership in the international MODI-FY project aimed at developing a certified training programme for managers of historical sites
  • the History Walks of Hrádok project preparation and coordination in cooperation with Liptovský Hrádok Town Council
  • taking part in volunteer group activities preparation to preserve the Pruger-Wallner historical garden in Bratislava
  • continual partnership and participation in the international MODI-FY project aimed at developing a certified training programme for managers of historical sites; attending the fourth European Congress on the use, management and protection of historically important buildings, Hofburg, Vienna - 3H Spot (Historic House Hot Spot) presentation by NT n.o. director
  • participation in the Council of Europe meeting aimed at issues related to historical parks and gardens in Europe, joint event production with focus on historical parks and gardens in Europe and the HEREIN database development cooperation, Paris, France
  • preparation and coordination of the international "Who do historical monuments belong to?" conference  (November 2016) held to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the National Trust in Slovakia. The main partner of the conference was the International National Trust Organisation (INTO). A doors open evening in Rómer’s House and excursion to Banská Štiavnica were organised for international conference participants
  • obtaining the highest level of quality standards in volunteer management – “We know how to manage volunteers“, from the Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations
  • opening a disability-friendly workplace of National Trust n.o. in its office in Liptovský Hrádok
  • partnership and cooperation in the execution of the European Cultural Heritage Days 2018
  • obtaining the “Historical site manager” and “Historical site management trainer” certificates as a part of the international MODI-FY project aimed at developing a certified training programme for managers of historical sites
  • the Online Database of Historical Parks and Gardens of Slovakia project implementation and the website development and release

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