Support us

National Trust n.o. is a voluntary organisation. Its success often relies on the support of people who care about the protection and restoration of our cultural and natural heritage. If you also care about the future of our historical monuments and would like to support our efforts please feel free to choose from the following support options:


Corporate volunteering »

Your business or company may also help in preserving and restoring the cultural and natural heritage of Slovakia. You are welcome to join the voluntary program of National Trust n.o. available to companies, organisations and other groups!

Volunteering »

Would you like to help us and do work with your hands or head? We offer interesting activities and work for individuals and groups!

Expert help »

Involvement of experts from various professions is important for successful management of our projects. If you would like to use your theoretical knowledge or practical experience, we invite you to join one of our working groups.

Regional newsletter »

National Trust n.o. welcomes your help with looking for information about historical sights and monuments in your region!