WHY The Landscape and Garden Culture Centre?

The Friends of Historical Parks and Gardens working group has been carrying out its activities at National Trust n.o. since 2006. Its main objectives are to stimulate interest in historical parks and gardens by all means suitable to preserve this type of cultural heritage, to assist scientific research, dissemination and exchange of information at an international level as well as to prepare and conduct its activities and projects with the main goal of the restoration and meaningful use of historical parks and gardens in Slovakia.

Since its formation, National Trust n.o. has initiated and conducted a number of projects, seminars, training sessions and events on the topic of historical parks and gardens. To mention a few examples, the activities have included assistance with the restoration of the nature-landscape park in Lednice, management of the Weekend of Open Parks and Gardens – a nationwide cultural and educational event, the Online Database of Historical Parks and Gardens of Slovakia project implementation, professional seminars and conferences on interpretation and presentation of historical parks and gardens and other activities.

In 2019, we decided to set up The Landscape and Garden Culture Centre at National Trust n.o. to incorporate all our activities related to historical parks and gardens as well as our partnership projects with owners and managers of related unique sites and locations.


The main activities of the Centre will include:

1. Raising awareness about the state, quality, use of parks and gardens as well as possibilities for their renewal and meaningful interpretation and presentation to professionals and general public using the results of historical parks and gardens mapping as part of the Online Databases of Historical Parks and Gardens project.

2. Consultations and training provision to owners and managers of historical parks and gardens (municipalities, regional governments, private owners, institutions and NGOs) on topics such as site management plans preparation, physical and emotional access and interpretation of values of historical parks and gardens, public participation, citizen involvement, coordination of volunteers and so on.

3. Exchange of expert knowledge and practical experience of professionals in restoration and maintenance of historical parks and gardens (garden and landscape architects, designers, employees of institutions with focus on preservation of monuments and conservation).

4. Demonstrations of practical care for historical parks and gardens (historical park in Rusovce and others) – aimed at planters, gardeners, arborists, but also other people interested in this field.

5. Production of educational materials, manuals, interpretative products and help with the development of regional cultural tourism products (for example the Open Parks and Gardens Weekend or lecture tours of parks and gardens throughout the year).

6. Developing suitable conditions for parks and gardens networking and monitoring – a communication and information platform.