Based on the experience of the previous successful project in 2018/2019 (Project ID:21820133), the consortium agreed that the Interpret Europe Certified Interpretive Guide and the Interpretive Planning courses would be best suited for the current situation in the partner countries. The guide training already exists in CZ and PL, thus it will be held by Czech and Polish trainers bringing every partner to the same level of understanding interpretive methodology and broadening the offer of available courses in national languages. The interpretive planning course is new for every partner country. The fee for the 40 hours training is starting at 400€ plus travel and boarding costs, which makes it unachievable for participants from the V4 countries. The idea of the project is to train qualified planners from the region, and in a next strategic step transfer the course to national languages and make it available for a fragment (about 25%) of the standard Western European price.